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Do you want to learn German or do you have "remedial German"? Here's what you need for it:

... and a good craftsman !

Who is Mystore Zoki?

Greetings and welcome! I am Zoran Golubović from Zurich, popularly known as Mystore Zoki...

This whole story came about by chance, in February 2021. Asked to help my wife's colleague with German grammar, I hastily opened a Facebook page and named it "Mystore Zoki - Free German Course". In order to avoid questions like "Who gives what today for free?", I immediately included in the story (my private) companies from Switzerland as sponsors - Möbel Simpo AG, Kopernikus Cars AG, Kopernikus NetTV Plus GmbH, Braća Golubović GmbH, as well as some others others (which is basically true, because those companies paid my salary, while I taught German courses for free)... All of this was well received by people! They received German lessons for free (live, via Face LIVE), and my company was heard all over the Balkans and the West... A few months later, the Facebook page "Mystore Zoki" already recorded millions of views. A common interest was created... 

A little later I started getting inquiries for private lessons. People started looking for individual service... Since I live in Switzerland - which is considered one of the most expensive countries in the world - it was clear that this would not work... Or at least I thought so (because I am simply too expensive for such a thing). Until someone whispered to me to make my own app for German. And I ask for 1 euro for its use... We also gave it the name "Mystore Zoki". Everything after that is history… 

My German courses are now the most visited on the Internet - of course, among those in our language. And my "video-book" is certainly the most detailed reading for German in Serbian-Croatian. We have become a well-known brand in the field of foreign language learning.

We also introduced some novelties in this branch. We've combined all of our video books, a grammar practice web app, a new vocabulary app, and "tech support" into one. And created such a unique, top-notch service. 

My team consists of 6 people today. The free lessons have been reduced to a minimum, and I have changed my job and am only involved in teaching and recording lessons. There will be about 240 free lessons and almost 500 PREMIUM lessons. 

I have lived in Switzerland since 1990. (2/3 of his life). As a private entrepreneur, I have founded about 10 of my own companies so far (all of them are still functioning independently). However, I am most proud of this project, which is in front of you. I consider it my life's work. Of all the things I've created, this will stay with me the longest… 

My mission is to present the complicated German language to the general public so that everyone can understand and learn it. 

During 2023. I am starting to record other video courses - for English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Because it was these languages that marked my life. 

Best Regards!

Yours, Zoran Golubović - Mystore Zoki
in mid-January 2023.
Delemont, Switzerland

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