Free course - German language for everyone
If you don't know where to start, you don't have much time or money to enroll in expensive courses, start a completely free German course online!
Start a free German language course
Speak German in 3 months
I do not teach you individual words, but in an accessible and interesting way, together we establish a system that will facilitate your acquisition of knowledge.
Trial German lesson
Learn the language from the locals
I have lived in a German-speaking area for over 30 years, and as a lecturer I will introduce you to the "folk" speech and style of communication, all the while drawing a parallel with our language, for a better understanding.
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Flexible schedule
Choose when to follow the lessons and learn at your own pace. It doesn't matter when you learn, but that you learn!
Ask me after class
This course is "on the button", and when you stop and can't continue, just contact me - your lecturer!
Prepare for the certificate
Practice your German and be ready for the international exam! The course is available for different levels of language proficiency.
Mystore Zoki
A unique learning model

What do you get with the Mystore Zoki model compared to traditional classroom learning?

Always available
My lectures are available to you anytime and anywhere. Something not clear? You can ask me (Mystore Zokija personally) after the class, which you did when you wanted. If you are not in the mood to study today, then study tomorrow. It's important to learn, not the day you learned it. Only the result counts.
Repetition made easy
In the standard course, there is no repetition: what you memorized - you memorized, what you wrote down - you wrote down. The course from last Wednesday will never be repeated. You can't contact a classical teacher if you get stuck somewhere when you study at home. You can return to all my lessons as many times as you like, with my full support, even after the lesson is over.
Do not waste your time
In the classroom, they rush to do the material as soon as possible. Here you set your own personal learning pace. Don't waste your time sitting and listening to the lecturer while he explains to someone else what you already know. Dedicate enough time to what you need to work on. I serve you individually. And only you.
Learning made easy
I teach you how to learn a foreign language, with unique techniques for faster acquisition of knowledge. All this adapted to our people, in a way that has not existed before. We will constantly compare German grammar with ours together - because it's easier to learn that way!
Mystore Zoki
Join me

Who are my German courses for?

These courses are for all those who want or need to improve their knowledge of the German language, for private or professional purposes. The motives of the course participants are varied, and I invite you to join me if you also want to:
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Balkan people go to Germany every day
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Higher education institutions in Germany
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Srba currently lives in Germany
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People in the world speak German
Mystore Zoki
Affordable offer

Choose how you want to learn with us

Choose a free or PREMIUM version of German language learning, depending on your needs and possibilities:

The free option is ideal for getting to know my way of teaching and with me as a lecturer, and PREMIUM is ideal for anyone who wants a detailed course on an individual level, that is, serious and thorough learning. 

Paid options give you access to our web platform for students, our word practice app (also on mobile), our in-depth video books, as well as direct phone contact with me, whenever any additional clarification is needed. 

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Premium German course

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Mystore Zoki
The path to employment in one of the most profitable jobs, start now!

New - Programming course for beginners

German is not the only language you can learn at this school. From now on, we also teach you programming languages! The same rules apply: we start "from scratch" and introduce you to the world of programming, at your own pace, with practical exercises and the constant possibility to ask the lecturer after class.
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Free lessons

Become part of the most popular free Facebook German course, with lessons in our language

Patrons of your education
Course sponsors

How can a course be free?

I am especially grateful to my sponsors, without whose support the free version of this German language course would certainly not exist. 

The sponsors of our free German language course are: Möbel Simpo AG (furniture showroom in Zurich), Kopernikus Cars AG (Swiss-Serbian company that imports cars from Switzerland to Serbia, to order), Kopernikus NetTV Plus GmbH (Balkan TV channels and internet provider in CH), as well as BRAĆA GOLUBOVIĆ GMBH (an intermediary company for loans and insurance in Switzerland).

Phone (CH): +41 76 325 90 55

If you like my free German course, then you will simply like my premium app adore!

Progress even more and faster, with a program tailored just for you! Get lessons in the form of a video book on our web-platform twice a week and practice tasks on a special application for learning German grammar and new words. With a video book, I guide you through the world of German grammar, and I help you individually to find your way around it. If you maintain continuity and regularly have points of contact with the German language, 20-30 min. practicing daily is enough to speak German in just 90 days. For quality processing of the whole semester - as the word "semester" itself says - 6 months of study are required. 

Warranty about the refund

Invest in your knowledge and subscribe to the Mystore Zoki PREMIUM course and web application for learning German, without the risk of spending money on something that won't help you. If you are not satisfied with the value and knowledge you receive, we guarantee your money back! We are aware of our quality.

Mystore Zoki
Exclusively for premium club members

Get a job in Germany with the help of my associates

This school cooperates with employment agencies in Germany. A free service for all students who register on the Mystore Zoki web-application, gives you the chance to find employment more easily and quickly.
Mystore Zoki

German language test

At what level is your knowledge of the German language? Take the test and find out! You can register for the free "Einstufungstest" below (you get everything within just a few seconds).