9 reasons for learning a foreign language

The most basic reason for learning a foreign language would be: why not? Speaking a new language is a very interesting and fascinating experience in itself. Different words and communication style, even different jokes that you wouldn't have understood before! By learning a new language, you gain completely a new way to see the world around your self. But if that's not reason enough, hear a few more:

1. Because of work

Many global companies have their representative offices in countries around the world, but they are looking for people who speak the language of the parent company. Sometimes they even look for multilingual workers. Therefore, you are offered a much wider range of employment.

You can also work abroad, for which you also need knowledge of a foreign language. Learn languages, because they are important for your current career and in any case they can improve you.

2. Gain new knowledge more easily

Some cultures, such as Russian, French or Spanish, do not need to offer all their knowledge translated into English. They expose it, say on the Internet, but in their own language.

Which is okay, they want you to show respect to their culture by knowing their language

But if you don't know foreign languages, your sources of knowledge are considerably narrowed.

Foreign languages lead to new knowledge

3. Speaking several languages is good for health

Research has established that the mechanisms we activate when learning new languages prevent the onset of diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's is a serious and inevitable disease, but it has been proven that in bilingual people it appears up to 5 years later, with milder symptoms, than in those who speak only one language.

4. Encourage rationality

One study found that bilingual people make more rational decisions when they think in another language.

Thinking in another language seems to create a certain distance that provides a more objective point of view, because we are deeply embedded in our mother tongue.

The mother tongue is not called that for nothing. Through it, we get the heritage of our culture and thus patterns of thinking and behavior, interwoven with deep personal emotions.

5. Learning a foreign language is sexy

If you speak several foreign languages (or at least one) you will be more attractive to other people. You will leave the impression of an adventurer who has seen everything, experienced everything and is now more capable and intelligent because of it.

That's attractive to all of us, isn't it?

Speak a foreign language and you will be more interesting and attractive

6. Increase analytical skills

Exercise your brain. By learning a foreign language, you introduce new structures into your way of thinking. Because languages are just that – structures. And the brain is like any other muscle, it is exercised by training.

In order to understand a foreign language, you must know your own language well. In a word, you have to be analytical. You analyze your own and a foreign language, draw parallels and thus incorporate a new structure into an already existing system.

7. Enjoy original artwork

It is common knowledge that all works are at least half as good in their original language. A lot gets lost in translation.

Some things cannot be translated from the original language because such objects, concepts and feelings do not exist in other cultures, and therefore neither in languages. If you like Russian classics or Goethe, you will see for yourself when you learn Russian and German and read these greats in the original.

It's the same thing with movies. If you pay attention, you will see that the translations are often inconsistent, which affects the correct perception of the action.

Learning a foreign language is enhanced by reading and watching movies in the original

8. Learning a foreign language develops creativity

We often mistakenly associate creativity only with art. Creativity is the ability to think about the same thing in several ways and thus find new solutions.

The process of learning a new language precisely develops the divergence of opinion and, therefore, creativity.

9. Don't be a typical tourist

You can get by much cheaper if you know the language of the country you are traveling to.

All countries that have developed tourism count on the naivety of tourists, and naivety comes precisely from not knowing the language. I cannot deceive you if you know the language, so you can ask, check and choose the best of all options.

Likewise, you can move where you want, when you want, because like here, you can always ask anyone.

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