Comparison of Mystore Zoki service

Overview of all courses
Comparison of Mystore Zoki service

What do you get as part of the different Mystore Zoki services?

1. Free course
German language

This course is intended for everyone who wants to get to know our lecturers and the way we work. It takes place live on Facebook once a week, allowing you to see first-hand the quality and style of our teaching.

2. Premium Standard
(50 EUR/month)

This package is ideal for those who prefer flexibility and independent learning. With this package, you get access to video books, a grammar web portal, a word learning application, as well as the possibility of individual phone support whenever you want, without time limits.

3. Premium Flex
(100 EUR/month)

This package includes everything PREMIUM Standard offers, but in twice the amount. In addition, it gives you access to already held live lessons from the VIP package, making it ideal for those who want intensive learning but may not always be able to attend live classes. Here you have the possibility to watch the missed classes of the VIP package whenever you want.

šŸŒŸ4. VIP (150 EUR/month)

The VIP course was created for those who want to attend live classes in groups learning at different levels. Students can even participate in several different groups if they wish. The VIP course includes everything the other packages offer, and much more, making it the most complete package we offer. If you miss a lesson, you can always watch it later, ensuring you're always on top of your learning.

5. Private lessons

The package of private lessons is specially created for students from Switzerland who study at a high level and need additional support at certain times. This package allows for individualized teaching, where each lesson is adapted to the specific needs and goals of students, allowing them to make the most of their learning time. Package price: A package for 10 lessons costs 500 CHF, providing comprehensive and concentrated support for fast and efficient improvement of language skills.

Individual lessons: If the student prefers, it is possible to schedule individual lessons at a price of 60 CHF per hour. This option is ideal for those who want an intensive and focused approach to learning, with the teacher's full attention focused exclusively on them, allowing for rapid progress and successful language mastery.

6. Mentoring course

The mentoring course was created for those who aspire to the highest level of language knowledge - C2, but who already have a minimum B1 level of knowledge. This course is specially designed for students who want a personalized approach, giving them the opportunity to have their own personal tutor until they pass the exam at the highest level. The mentoring course includes everything that the VIP course offers, plus additional private lessons, guaranteeing maximum attention and support on your learning journey. A unique feature of this course is the payment method. Compensation for the mentoring course in the amount of CHF 5'000 is paid only when you have successfully passed the final exam. However, it is important to note that in case of withdrawing from the course before taking the final exam, there is penalty in the amount of 3'000 CHF. This system ensures that both the student and the mentor are fully committed to achieving a common goal - successful mastery of the language up to the C2 level. This option is ideal for those who are ready for serious and dedicated work on improving their language skills, with the constant support and guidance of an experienced mentor.

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How can I check my level of German knowledge?

Take a free test and find out at what level your knowledge of the German language is. Sign up for the test below (you get everything within just a few seconds). Based on the results, you can easily decide which course level to apply for or which certificate you could apply for.

How to I'm ready for the exam?

We recommend that you sign up for one of the Mystore Zoki paid services, where we go through all the segments of German grammar in detail. The overview of our courses above, as well as the test to determine the level of German knowledge, can significantly help you make the right decision. You can find the application form below.