Erasing the memory

Your Android device (mobile phone, tablet, PC) caches files during daily use of applications and when visiting websites. This cache takes up space and can cause your device to run slower.

Understanding the problem:

Each application and web browser on your device stores a certain amount of cache data and cookies (files that websites create when you visit them).

How to solve the problem:

If your device has an integrated memory cleaner, set it to clean the cache regularly or do it manually at least once a week.

Pay attention to the non-empty cache when playing video books from our educational website If you use the Zoom platform through our site, you may be asked to reconfirm certain options multiple times. This is an indication that your cache is overloaded.

After clearing the cache:

You may be logged out of some sites. Log in again or save user data before cleaning.

Some sites may run slower after the first reload.

Recommended apps:

There are a number of memory cleaning apps on the Google Play Store, such as Clean Master, Ccleaner, and Wise Disk Cleaner. These apps are easy to use, free to download in the basic version, and can significantly improve the performance of your device.

Please follow these instructions regularly in order to use all the resources of our website smoothly. Thank you for your trust!

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