5 series that will help you learn German

Learning a language can be complicated if we are far from the speaking area. We learn grammar and spelling and some abstract expressions, but we fail to understand where and when they actually apply.

Therefore, if you are still far from the German-speaking area, the best way to practice the language is to watch series, movies or read books in German.

These 5 series will improve your level of language knowledge if you watch carefully, listen actively and repeat your favorite characters here and there.

1. Dark

The popular American production Netflix released (not so long ago) the German-language series "Dark".

The series won Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Concept. So, as you can see - all the best.

And that's not without reason, because the plot itself is extremely interesting.

Four families, which we follow through a couple of generations, are at the center of mysterious and gruesome events that repeat themselves every 33 years. Children disappear, and the main question is not who kidnapped the children, but when?

If you are a fan of mystery (and a bit darker), a series with a lot of characters that develop as personalities through episodes, characters that may or may not have existed... Then this is the right series for you!

2. Babylon Berlin

As you can guess from the title, it is about the metropolis of the twenties of the last century. The city is full of talented, ambitious people, but beneath the shiny surface hides an impoverished people struggling to survive.

Radical changes, political extremism and crime marked the German historical period. Characters who swim between two extremes: debauchery and poverty, creative energy and struggle for survival are placed in such an atmosphere.

Gereon Rath, a young police officer, along with stenographer Charlotte Ritter and Bruno Walter, try to solve a unique case assigned to them. However, they fall into a much larger criminal network. An exciting story where friends and enemies are not easily distinguished.

3. Greta's diaries

Finally some laughter! The series follows the famous Berlin doctor Gratchen Hasse. Gratchen has an awkward nature, but her colleagues still respect and love her.

The plot of the plot happens when the doctor decides to take a break from love and dedicate herself to her career... But as it happens in life, fate puts different challenges in her way. Challenges in the form of a former love that makes her life miserable.

After all that, Greta returned to her parents, where she will live for some time. As she is, torn between her personal challenges, she begins to make a mess in the surgery department as well. With this series, you will laugh, learn the language and fall in love with the cute doctor!

4. Pastry

Another humorous pearl not to be missed. The series follows a comedian whose own lies get him into trouble every day. It will make you laugh to tears!

5. Deutschland 83

This is serious drama. It is about the attitude towards oneself, towards the state, ideology and duty towards fellow human beings. The main character Martin is blackmailed by his mother's life into doing for the state what he does not want to do.

The story is set during the Cold War. The direction is really great, and the villains played their roles especially well. Worth every minute!

We hope you will enjoy the selection we have selected for you. It is important to listen to the language, so turn the sound freely. If you need additional motivation and specific guidelines for language learning and improvement, visit our site.


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