Instructions for registration on ZOOM

Video books with lessons within our PREMIUM course can only be used after registering a Zoom account VIA OUR INVITATION! Do not under any circumstances download the ZOOM application via the "Google Play Store". Your account must be created via our invitation, which you receive as a registered student by email. This is a service for PREMIUM students with an active subscription. 

Please follow the following steps:

1. Go to your email - there you will find our invitation called "Zoom account invitation“.
2. Confirm that you accept our invitation by clicking on the blue box "Approve the Request".

Mystore Zoki - installing a ZOOM account

3. The ZOOM platform directs you to create your user account. You can create a user account in two different ways:

The first possible way: You create your account by specifying for yourself Username and password. (In the "First name" field, enter your name, in the "Last name" field, your last name, and in the "Password" field, enter the desired password. In the "Confirm password" field, enter the same password again to activate it. Finally, confirm your entries with "Continue".)

Another possible way: Choose one of the offered icons under the "Continue" button and register your ZOOM user account through your Google or Facebook account (if you have Gmail or Facebook).


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