Instructions for registration on quizlet

To be able to use Quizlet - an application for learning new words, you need to log in on us PREMIUM German course  or to apply only for Quizlet - an application for learning new words.

Creating and registering a user account for Quizlet can be done quickly by following the given instructions in a few simple steps.

1. Enter your email, where you will find the invitation you previously received from us under the name: "German language, first 10000 words (A1-B2), to access our teaching platform within the Quizlet application".

2. Confirm that you accept our invitation by clicking on the blue box "Accept".

3. In the next step, the Quizlet platform directs you to create your user account. You can create a user account in 3 ways. Using your own email address, Google account or Facebook account (the application will ask you to choose one of the offered options).

  • In case you use your email address to register your account, you need to fill in the attached white fields (enter your email address, specify the username and password for Quizlet, as well as your date of birth).
  • If you want to register your user account through a Facebook or Google account, it is enough to click on the offered option "Continue with..."

4. After choosing the method of creating a user account, you need to confirm that you agree and yes you accept the Quizlet Terms and Conditions - by marking the field that is the last in a series of three offered.

The previous two fields Leave "I am a teacher" and "I am a parent" blank, as shown in the photo.

You confirm all this by clicking on the blue box "Sign up".

5. The next step is to select an option "Continue to free Quizlet" which is shown in the dark blue box (shown in the photo). Do not select and confirm the option in the yellow box "Start your free trial". Otherwise, after 7 days, Quizlet will ask you to pay additionally for the use of the application.

6. After selecting the "Continue to free Quizlet" option, confirm your choice once again by clicking on the blue box "Accept".

You can sign up for Quizlet as part of the PREMIUM German course or separately:


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