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Copernicus Auto

Import of cars from Germany and Switzerland

"Copernicus Auto" is one of my companies that I founded in Switzerland and it sponsors our free language lessons. For many years, the company has been successfully importing custom-made cars from Germany and Switzerland to Serbia and other Balkan countries. Thousands of satisfied clients bought their ideal car through our company.

Our services include:

  • Help with searching for a car in Germany or Switzerland, as well as general information about the Swiss or German car market
  • On-site car inspection in Germany or Switzerland
  • Down payment and car purchase according to your order and specifications
  • Arrangement of export papers
  • Car transport to Serbia and other Balkan countries
  • Arrangement of import papers and customs in Serbia (in other countries you do the customs yourself)
  • Technical inspection and homologation (AMSS)
  • Delivery of cars throughout Serbia (by agreement and to your home address) and to other countries
Mystore Zoki
Copernicus Auto

How does ordering a car work?

1. You find a car that suits you directly on one of the German or Swiss websites for car ads:

or log in to our VIP SERVICE where according to your given specifications we are looking for the ideal car for you. An additional benefit of the VIP service is that we have access to vehicles that are not on the car ads.

2. When we find a car that suits you, we calculate the cost of transport, customs and AMSS (the full price of the car without registration).

3. We contact the seller and check the vehicle (does it have a service book, was it involved in a collision, what accessories does it have, are there known mechanical problems, what are the possible payment methods and all other things that interest you).

4. If the total price of the vehicle suits you, you pay money to buy a car in order to capture it. You pay our shipping, customs and paperwork costs when you pick up the vehicle.

5. We buy a car for you, arrange export papers, bring it to the border, clear customs, do homologation... All you have to do is register the car in your place when you get the car and papers.


Mystore Zoki
Copernicus Auto

The newest "COPERNIKUS AUTO - VIP SERVICE" goes one step further! 

This VIP service means that you only determine the budget and characteristics of the desired car - everything else is done by our team for you. Fill out the questionnaire and enter the amount you are willing to pay for the car with full costs until registration. Our team of experts will review German ads in search of a car according to your specifications and send you several offers from which you can choose the ideal one. 

We also offer the VIP SPECIAL service, where, in addition to the entire standard service, we provide technical inspection, insurance and vehicle registration services to certain clients. By using this service, the client receives a registered vehicle ready to drive at his home address.

Mystore Zoki
Copernicus Auto

10 reasons why to buy a car through us:


01. With us, you choose your new car yourself from a database of over 1,500,000 cars. No one convinces you, or prompts you, that something is good and that you should buy that particular car... You are absolutely free to choose! The dealer where you buy a car in Serbia will never tell you: "Go there to another garage, they have better cars.", we want that. Because it doesn't matter to us where you will buy your car (we will transport it and clear customs for you in any case). 


02. Our client and we, in every respect, have a common interest - that he gets a good car, and we get a good advertisement. This is very important to us, because our entire business model is based on trust. This can be seen perfectly from our rating, where those to whom we have already imported cars rated our work and cooperation with us with 4.9 out of a possible 5.


03. With us, the client has access to the entire German and Swiss market "at the source". In this way, we save the client time and money and meet his individual wishes. In this way, clients buy directly where domestic resellers buy, with an important difference - they don't pay anyone a margin. For the customer, that money is a savings that stays in his pocket.


04. German and Swiss used cars are the best in Europe. Their roads and craftsmen are famous for their quality, and in addition, all car manufacturers make special series for the demanding Swiss market - "Swiss Edition".


05. In every ad, the Germans and Swiss meticulously list every possible problem with the car they sell - and in the Balkans, a car is sold when something needs to be changed. 


06. In Germany and Switzerland, cars are mostly leased. They are therefore not sold because they are not in good condition, but after 4 years they are returned to the garages to be replaced by a new one - for leasing.


07. The technical controls that cars pass in Germany and Switzerland are very rigorous and no one can be bribed there. During the technical inspection, even the smallest detail is taken into account. It is enough that one light on the car is not working and the car will not pass the technical inspection. In Serbia, on the other hand, even a "certificate with a stamp" does not guarantee you that the car you are buying is really in order.


08. In Switzerland, the maximum speed limit on motorways is 120 km/h, and at a higher net speed of 140 km/h you lose your driver's license. In Germany, except on the highway, speed is strictly regulated, so hardly anyone dares to go "wild" with their car. In Serbia, on the other hand, the speed limit is not respected anywhere, so cars are worn out on bad roads. The bodywork of German and Swiss cars is therefore far better preserved than those you can buy on the Serbian market.


09. In Germany and Switzerland, mileage manipulations do not exist. In Serbia, there is almost no car without returned mileage. Often, the car comes with a service booklet in which the information on how many kilometers each small and large service has been performed is recorded.


10. Each car is inspected by our expert. You, as a buyer, can be connected with a camera to look at your car yourself and give your "second opinion". We buy up to 70 cars per order per month for our clients from Serbia. We are very experienced in this and if we think that something is wrong with the car or if it is just suspicious - we advise our client to abandon the purchase and find another car for himself. Because he will also be our client with that other car. We have no motivation, no "logical reason" to suggest a client to take a bad car for himself. As a satisfied customer, he will come to us again in a few years, for an even better car.