What happens after signing up for the PREMIUM course?

Guide to registration and access to the website and lessons

You will get from us two separate email.

To access our lessons, you need to register on "Zoom" and "Mystore Zoki" application.

The first email is "Zoom account invitation". 

 "Zoom" is the app we use to watch video lessons.

It is necessary to first create your user Zoom account and that exclusively through our invitation that you get in that first email:

  1. Confirm that you accept our invitation by clicking on the blue box "Approve the Request".
  2. The ZOOM platform directs you to create your user account. You can create a user account in two different ways:

The first way: You create your account by specifying your Username and Password. (In the "First name" field, enter your name, in the "Last name" field, your last name, and in the "Password" field, enter the desired password. In the "Confirm password" field, enter the same password again to activate it. Finally, confirm your entries with " Continue".)

Another way: Choose one of the offered icons under the "Continue" button and register your ZOOM user account through your Google or Facebook account (if you have Gmail or Facebook).

After that, you access another email named "MYSTOREZOKI - personal invitation for Premium".

The first way: Below the welcome message you have a button "HERE" (indicated in blue letters) and below it are located Your personal user and access data. By clicking on the option "HERE" you log in directly to the site nemacki.mystorezoki.org

Another way: You can also access via the link: https://nemacki.mystorezoki.org/login , where you need to enter your user data that we previously sent you in the "Personal invitation for Premium" email.

You enter your user data in the empty fields under the item "Anmelden".

Enter your email address in the first field.

In the second empty field, enter your personal password that you received in the email.

How to use "Mystore Zoki" application?

When you log in and access the site, you have two basic options for following classes and lessons:

The first option is the knowledge test tasks. You select it by clicking on the field ÜBERSICHT.

You select the desired task by confirming the option "Open". Within the task you have explanations for help and proper work and what is specifically required of you within the task. If you have understood the task setting, you access the work by checking the blue box "Test beginnen".

When you want to access Video Lessons for any of the 4 levels offered, you select a box GRUPPEN. Choose the desired learning level / Video book and confirm your choice in the field "Open". After you access the desired video lesson, below the name it says Link with which you play the video of the selected lesson. By clicking on the link that is marked in blue, you access the viewing of the selected video lesson.

Useful links:

Ready to learn German with Mystore Zoki? For further questions:
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