Free trial lessons of our PREMIUM courses

If you want to take a quick look at what our PREMIUM lessons and video books that we use on our website look like PREMIUM course, fill out this form in a few seconds and you will receive short clips (up to 10 min.) to your email within just a few minutes: TRIAL LESSONS OF THE PREMIUM GERMAN LANGUAGE COURSE

By ordering trial lessons, you do not enter into any obligation towards us. Levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 are currently on offer, and C1 is in preparation.

Mystore Zoki trial German lessons

"MYSTORE ZOKI" is a web-platform where you learn the German language, regardless of time or place. Lessons, which are recorded on ZOOM, you receive twice a week through our application, with the appropriate notification that we send to you by email. The processing of text tasks on the platform itself, which is in our language, is automated. If necessary, we also help you on an individual level - via e-mail, telephone, video messages, etc. You also get access to our apps for practicing German grammar and learning new words.

The fee for this service is 1.5 euros per day (for every day of the month, min. 30 days). There is no contractual obligation, nor a notice period. PREMIUM is a prepaid service. There is a discount (from 10-20%) for paying several months in advance. It is possible to start education at any level. By signing up for one of these levels, you also get the previous level for free, so you can always remember the material you've covered.

The beginning of studies is on the 1st of each month. If desired, it is possible to request a start outside that period, but always only for the whole month (eg December 10 retroactively for December 1). Access data for our portal is obtained upon receipt of the 1st payment for min. 30 days.


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