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What is the problem with most classroom group courses?

Not everyone learns
at the same speed
Not everyone has
same foreknowledge
There are different ones
individual needs
But there are ways to learn German at your own pace, without wasting time looking for material on your own and worrying about what just doesn't work for you. How to?
Mystore Zoki

Learn German with the Mystore Zoki web app!

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What does learning through the Mystore Zoki app look like?

"MYSTORE ZOKI" is a web-platform where you learn the German language, regardless of time or place. You receive lessons - in the form of a video book - twice a week by email, with the appropriate code. This system helps you learn and learn German words and grammar much faster than you would normally learn them.
The only application of this type in our language, with practice tasks within the service itself. We cover all segments of German grammar in detail (advanced lessons compared to the free course). I will guide you through the grammar of the German, but also the Serbo-Croatian language, in order to make it easier for you to understand the material. The application is currently available at four levels (A1, A2, B1, B2).
*There is a possibility to explain everything in the Macedonian language as well!
Mystore Zoki
Special offer for all participants of the premium course

Get a job in Germany with the help of my associates

This school cooperates with employment agencies in Germany. A free service for all students who register on the Mystore Zoki web-application, gives you the chance to find employment more easily and quickly.
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How does the PREMIUM German language course work?

We have prepared for you learning 5 levels of the German language, through 4 modules and 3 speeds:

Video book
1. PREMIUM students learn German from specially designed VIDEO BOOKS and that way you can see what you don't know and how much you do know. At any time you can pause or return the lesson to the part you want to watch again. Lessons you have already watched will be available for you to watch again at any time during your subscription. Also, lessons from lower levels are available to you, so you can always remind yourself of lessons you have forgotten.
Individual lessons
2. If you have any doubts about the lesson or encounter a difficulty during the exercise, there are INDIVIDUAL LESSONS. This means that at any time you can contact Mystore Zoki by phone, e-mail, or video message, who will help you and further clarify any doubt.
Grammar practice application
3. When you watch the video lesson, you will check your knowledge through GRAMMAR PRACTICE APPLICATION. This application follows the book and is completed in the form of a test. At the end of each exercise, you can immediately see what you answered correctly and where you went wrong.
Word learning app
4. As part of the course, you also get access APPLICATIONS FOR LEARNING WORDS. On your computer or mobile phone, you will have the opportunity to expand your German vocabulary and practice writing and pronunciation every day. This application is a chronological guide for learning new words, because from the beginning you learn words that are adapted to your level of language knowledge with the possibility of archiving already learned words.
  • 2 hours a week
  • price €50 for a month
  • unlimited number of lessons
  • price €100 for a month
  • FLEX + live courses
  • individual support
  • price €150 for a month
Mystore Zoki
Affordable offer

What is the price of the Mystore Zoki PREMIUM course?

The standard fee for this service is less than 2 euros per day (for every day of the month, min. 30 days), regardless of the level. There is no contractual obligation, nor a notice period. PREMIUM is a prepaid service. Payment for the current month is made in advance. Discounts in the amount of 10%, i.e. you can get one month for free if you choose our three-month plan, i.e. six-month package.

Monthly payment

<2€ po danu

Quarterly payment

10% discount

Semi-annual payment

1 month as a gift!

Levels of language proficiency

How do I know which level is right for me?

Take a free test and find out at what level your knowledge of the German language is. Sign up for the test below (you get everything within just a few seconds). Based on the results, you can easily decide which course level to apply for.

Warranty about the refund

Invest in your knowledge and subscribe to the Mystore Zoki web application, without the risk of spending money on something that won't help you. If you are not satisfied with the value and knowledge you receive, I guarantee your money back!

Mystore Zoki
Only for students from Switzerland

Learn German for free for a year with the PREMIUM app

Exclusive offer for students from Switzerland! You get a paid course (up to one year), if you cooperate with our partner company in the field of health insurance. Contact person for more information: Ivana Stojanović
Do you want to speak German within 90 days, with the help of the Mystore Zoki web application?
Mystore Zoki

Frequently asked questions

The beginning of studies is on the 1st of each month. If desired, it is possible to request a start outside that period, but always only for the whole month (eg September 10 retroactively for September 1). Access data for the Mystore Zoki portal is obtained upon receipt of the 1st payment in 30 days.

You choose when you will watch the lectures and practice the tasks. You receive lessons in the form of a video book twice a week by email, as well as access to text tasks that are automatically processed. With the Mystore Zoki app, you learn German at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

A minimum of 30 days, i.e. one whole month. After the end of that period, you have the choice whether to pay the next month or not, without any obligation. You get a discount on the entire amount if you pay three (10%) or six (20%) months of the course in advance.

Choose the payment option that suits you best, because there are more on offer. The course is paid for before the start, and you choose the payment option during registration for the service:

> PayPal

> Credit card

> On account (for the territory of Switzerland, Serbia and North Macedonia)

> To IBAN (from the rest of the world)

> Western Union

Anyone who passes the international German language exam receives a certificate. In my course, you can acquire the knowledge you need to successfully pass this exam, and you can find a list of places where you can take the test HERE.

It is possible to start education at any level (currently A1, A2, B1 and B2 are offered). By registering for one course, you get simultaneous access to all 4 courses - without any additional compensation.

The progress you can expect through the premium course is faster and greater compared to the free course. The lessons are detailed and absolutely every segment of German grammar is thoroughly covered. Access is further individualized, as you can choose between four different levels. There are tasks within the platform, which gives you the opportunity to regularly practice and perfect the material you have listened to.