Mentoring German language course: Learn now, pay later!

Do you dream of speaking German as a mother tongue? Then our unique mentoring program is just for you!

What does our mentoring program offer?

  1. Unique Warranty: You pay the tuition in the amount of EUR 5,000 only when you pass the final C2 exam. If you don't pass, you don't owe us anything!
  2. High motivation: If you drop out before the end of your education, you are contractually obligated to pay a penalty from 3,000 EUR.
  3. Quality education: With our team of experts, we train you through all levels up to C2, guaranteeing you the highest quality of education.

Why choose our school?

  • Reliability: Our mentoring contract guarantees commitment for both parties. We guide you through all stages of learning, while you resolutely continue your path to success.
  • The risk is on us: If you fail, we do not charge for our work. That's our quality guarantee!

Duration of education:

The program lasts three or four years, depending on your needs and progress.

Limited offer:

Please note that places for this exclusive program are limited. Don't miss this opportunity!

If you are ready for a revolutionary approach to learning German and want to invest in yourself in the right way, apply now!

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