10 tips for learning German

I am speaking to you from personal experience.

I learned to speak more than one foreign language fluently. Using different learning methods, I have established on my example which of them bring best results.

In order to avoid mistakes which I used to make myself, I have put together a short summary for you of everything that experience has taught me.

Read below…

What are the top 10 tips to learn German faster and easier?

Top 10 tips for learning German

1. Don't waste time looking for study materials

There is anything and everything on YouTube. But nothing can be grasped... For proper language learning, chronology is crucial.

You need to have an effective system to follow to make learning easier for yourself. If you spend more time looking for where to start, what and how... You will prepare the materials waste precious energy (and time!) which you would be better off using for studying.

You will get lost in the organization and thus slow down your progress!

Apart from the fact that it will be difficult for you to find your way around, this confusion will make learning German difficult for you act even harder than it is. By doing so, you will also lose motivation. Our courses are designed chronologically. Study in the correct order.

(The speed of learning a foreign language directly depends on how well you know the grammar of your own mother tongue. This is one of the most important tips for learning German. You noticed the column "Daily Dose of Grammar Expressions" ... A little chronology is on Facebook - and a big one on our ZOOM…)

2. Determine where you should start studying with the German proficiency test

The Einstufungstest (German language test) can help you assess your current knowledge of German. In this way, you will have an idea whether the beginner's material or more advanced lessons are more suitable for you.

Knowledge of the German language is divided into levels. You must have heard that many people mention levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2... If you don't understand what that means, you can read more about the levels of German knowledge here.

When you know what level you belong to, you can customize your learning and thus be more efficient.

And how do you check that?

With the help of the Einstufungstest, find out what level your knowledge of German is. Completely free, you can take the German language test by clicking here.

Mystore Zoki web application allows you to learn German according to your personal level of knowledge. You can currently register for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2, and we are preparing lessons for C1 and C2 levels, which are coming soon!

We also use the system to learn new words quizlet (A1 has 650 words, while A2 has 2'000 words - we are currently creating a system for B1-B2 of 10'000 most important words), so that through interesting language games learned new words more easily.

Tips for learning German

3. Practice the verbs by writing them in a notebook

A special group of words to learn are verbs (eg 100 most important and most frequently used verbs). At first glance, this seems very difficult and demanding to many. This is mostly because they learn the wrong way.

Speak up cannot memorize word for word, without any understanding. That is maybe it can - but it would be a very long and arduous process for you. With the right technique, memorizing new verbs can be many times easier.

Practice by writing in a notebook. You will notice which verb looks like it to you, which belong to the same group. With that you learn the principles and connect the material, you make associations that make it easier for you to continue learning German.

4. Learn nouns immediately together with genders

If you miss it you will have double the work. You will have to come back later to refine it, that is, to learn it... Memorize verbs immediately with prepositions. If you are versed, then also with cases.

When you start learning in this way, connected to each other, you will save a huge amount of time. Not only will you learn more in the beginning, but it will also be easier for you to learn new material later, because you will have excellent foundations.

5. Talk and make mistakes

Once you've mastered it, it gets easier.

Many people skip this step, fearing that they will sound stupid if they make mistakes. But it's the practice and talking out loud that will help you one day, in the future, you speak german perfectly.

In order to get to that stage, it is necessary to make mistakes first - that is the best way to learn. You have to be "bad" first to get better. If you don't allow yourself to go through a period of mistakes, never you won't make it to your period without them!

Top tips for learning German

6. Set limits for yourself

Block yourself a fixed time to learn German. Turn off the mobile phone, computer, throw everything out of the room... Eliminate all distractions so that nothing disturbs you while studying.

If you look at the material a little, and few people have liked anyone on social networks, then your friend sends you a funny video that lasts only 15 seconds, so why not watch it right away... But then you have to respond to her immediately because it's your turn, and of course you are very interested in what she is doing now, etc. - there is nothing from learning.

In this way, it will work for you Yours learning lasts forever, because you are in front of your material all the time (where does that time go?), you haven't even left your room, and you feel like you haven't learned anything. All in vain!

On the other hand, if you have enough discipline to focus only on studying for a certain period, you will finish it faster achieve better results. When you're done, you'll have a sense of accomplishment and you'll have plenty of time left for other activities. As a result, you will look at learning German much more positively and have more motivation to progress further.

7. Be persistent and persevere - especially when you feel no progress

There is no book "German in 3 steps"... You cannot learn an entire language overnight and it is normal that sometimes something gets stuck. It is important that even when this happens, you persevere. Take a proactive approach, ask me after class and over time and even more importantly - with hard work, you will overcome all difficulties.

It can't always be easy. I am here to help you do that work pleasant, even fun. Keep a positive attitude and don't give up. It will pay off.

Top 10 tips for learning German online

8. Create a "German environment"

Mobile phone, Facebook and other applications that you use every day switch to German. Follow interesting topics in German on YouTube, series on Netflix, etc.

The more you are surrounded by the language you are learning, the faster you will learn get into a habit. You will learn German even when you are not learning it ie. even when you don't make a conscious effort to do so.

9. Imitate native German speakers

This also applies to all other languages. Imitate native speakers without laughing, just the way they talk. You can be funny to yourself, but it's normal for them. So will your German sound much better.

You'll actually be funnier to strangers when not you speak with their accent, but Serbian, Croatian or whatever your mother tongue is. So imitate them and your speech and communication style will become far more natural. In time, it will no longer be funny to you either, but you will be proud to speak like a native German 🙂

10. Don't save in the wrong place

Don't settle for just that with free "Mystore Zoki" lessons. At the moment, you have no better investment than our PREMIUM courses. Everything returns tenfold!

Ours PREMIUM courses they start every first of the month and currently contain 4 components:

  1. Video books for all levels
  2. Individual professional assistance
  3. Grammar practice application
  4. An application for learning new words

Ready to learn German with Mystore Zoki? For further questions: Viber/WhatsApp 0041 76 325 90 55


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  1. Thank you for this information, which is very useful, I just need a little discipline regarding language learning, I am currently at the second level, i.e. I have finished it, but I have not completely mastered it.

  2. Zoran Golubović

    Thank you very much. I would recommend a "quizlet" for learning new words (electronic flashcards for mobile or PC). We currently have them at A1 and A2 level. They will soon be completed for B1-B2 as well.

    If I can help you with anything else, please call me: 076 325 90 55. I live privately near Basel :-).

    Best Regards!

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